Songwriting with Dean Friedman

Dean's classroom: some of the 2013 songwriters.

The Songwriter's Songwriter

Legendary songwriter Dean Friedman has been running the French House Party Summer Songwriting Course every summer since 2010.

Acknowledged as one of the best lyrics-and-melody composers in the music industry and with the perfect, instantly-recognisable soaring voice which gave him hit songs like Ariel, Well Well Said the Rocking Chair, Lydia - and, of course, the quirky and memorable British chart-topper Lucky Stars - Dean has remained a major inspiration to other songwriters for more than three decades.

Frequently compared to Billy Joel and Paul Simon - Dean has been variously described by music critics as "A genius. An original. A musical craftsman of unrivalled expertise" and "entirely unique and utterly brilliant".

Dean's 4-day breaks include group instruction workshops, jamming sessions, one-to-one tuition, assignments, writing and performances ... not forgetting his magical Saturday evening gig in the grounds of the house.


See for details of the next songwriting Course with Dean Friedman.


2013: Dean and his songwriters.
2012: lesson in jazz for the group.
2011: Dean's cool team
2010: quick pic before departures.
Dean in concert.
Dean adds a few composition details.
Finale concert by participants.
Dean joins in with a number.
Linda arrives with special songwriter's pud.
Beautiful - take note...
Collaboration of Ed and Tessa
Dean's gig.
Dean in concert.
Dean in concert.
Waiting for sunset
Dean in concert
Dean Friedman in concert.
Dean Friedman in concert
In July 2013, course participant Rhona fulfilled one of her ambitions: to sing a duet with Dean during the songwriters' final night of performances. And obviously, it couldn't have been any other song than this one.....
Video overview of the 2010 Songwriting Course at French House Party